Bo.lan was founded on the belief that the best Thai restaurant should be found in Thailand. Food is heavily attached to the Land and its people therefore Bo.lan believes in following the cooking rituals practised in Thailand for countless years. By utilising the abundance of natural resources and incorporating the geographical diversity Thailand offers, Bo.lan actively strives to serve Thai food at its very best taking full advantage of the fresh and seasonal produce available.  Adopting the Slow food philosophy Bo.lan also aims to promote the biodiversity of both wild and cultivated produce thus a staggering array of ingredients’ will be picked, cooked and seasoned before being presented to you and thus expanding the use of local produce. By researching, practising and teaching the ritual of Thai cooking we hope to safeguard Thai food heritage as something to be proud of.  These factors are the driving forces that push the team at Bo.lan to strive for excellence within the restaurant business. At Bo.lan we Pride ourselves on not compromising or straying from these core values.

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